What are the best glasses for kids?

 Guide to choosing the best glasses for children

The keys to choosing the best glasses for kids. If your children need glasses, you are probably searching the internet for the best glasses for children. As we are sure you have an infinite number of doubts, we will try to answer the most common ones.

What are the best materials in children’s eyewear?

Children’s glasses should be made of quality materials, such as acetate or acetate. However, silicone is an increasingly used material, it is more flexible and comfortable. They must be aesthetic and have the right shape to fit them and offer the greatest comfort.

What are flexible glasses and why are they the most recommended for children?

Flexible glasses are a type of glasses that are made of materials that can be bent or deformed without breaking. This makes them ideal for children, who are prone to breaking or damaging their glasses.

Flexible glasses have several advantages over traditional glasses:

They are more resistant to bumps and drops.
They are more comfortable to wear, as they adapt better to the child’s face.
They are safer, as they cannot break into small pieces.
For these reasons, flexible glasses are the most recommended option for children.


Here are some examples of how flexible glasses can benefit children:

  • A child playing soccer can break his traditional glasses if he falls. With flexible glasses, he can continue to play without worrying about breaking his glasses.

  • A child who is very active may break his traditional glasses if they fall off or rub against something. With flexible glasses, he can continue to be active without worrying about breaking his glasses.

  • A child who is prone to breaking or damaging their things can benefit from flexible glasses, as they are sturdier.

  • If you are looking for glasses for your child, flexible glasses are an excellent choice. They are sturdy, comfortable and safe, making them perfect for children.

What should the frame for children’s glasses look like?

1. They should be the appropriate size, neither too small nor too large.
2. The frame rods should be the right size.
3. The bridge of the frame must rest well on the child’s nose.
4. The child should like them to prevent them from being removed.

How to correctly choose lenses for children’s glasses?

1. Opt for organic, polycarbonate lenses.
2. The diameter of the lens should cover the entire eye.
3. They should have an anti-scratch and anti-reflective treatment, so that they are more durable and have the best sun protection.

What are the benefits of choosing quality children’s eyewear?

Quality glasses are very aesthetically pleasing, as well as being built to last. Although the child may have the occasional carelessness, we can be sure that the glasses will always be in the best condition.
A good example of flexible glasses are silicone glasses.


Which brands are the most recommended for buying prescription glasses or sunglasses for children?



The newest and most exclusive brand has come to our facilities to stay. And this firm has not hesitated to manufacture glasses for the youngest of the house that stand out not only for their comfort and flexibility but also for their youthful and attractive design.

Playmobil PY23006 632 48 15


Ray-Ban prescription glasses for children are lightweight, comfortable and have timeless designs. They are made mostly of acetate and are aimed at both boys and girls alike.

Ray-Ban prescription glasses for kids are available in a wide range of colors and styles, so kids can find the perfect glasses for their personality.

Ray-Ban Junior Frank RJ9557 286/71 46 19



Nike prescription glasses are characterized for being light, comfortable and with very simple sporty designs. They are mostly made of acetate and are aimed at both men and women.

Nike 7116 061 56 15


Lacoste glasses are characterized by their functionality, comfort and current and modern designs. The brand stands out for its resistant frames and the use of colors such as dark blue, red or green.

Lacoste L3620 615 48 16


The truth is that in the market we can find a wide variety of brands and models of glasses, so making the decision is never easy.

The Nanovista brand stands out in this segment manufacturing glasses for children, with a good quality and price ratio. In its catalog we can find some outstanding models.

With the answers to these questions we have provided, we are sure you will be able to choose the best glasses for children.

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