It is estimated that around 24% of the accidents caused by the practise of some sport, has place in racket sports, such as paddle tennis and tennis. Any distraction or lost of visual acuity can provoke that the ball change its direction and impacts on the player, so it is very important to have tennis and paddle tennis glasses.

Tennis and paddle tennis eyeglasses.

Racket sports such as tennis and paddle tennis can be practised in interiors or exteriors, with the consequent solar exposition. For that reason, it is necessary the use of glasses, not only to improve the graduation, but also in order to protect yourself from the sun and also from a possible blow with a ball.

Sunglasses for tennis and paddle tennis should be light and at the same time they should have resistant materials such as acetate and titanium, in order to support possible blows during their practise. Likewise, the appearance, the availability of anti-fogging technology and having rods that do not stand out as a result of sweat should be taken into account.

Tennis VS. Paddle Tennis

With some differences in the play technique, sport eyeglasses for tennis and paddle tennis have practically the same necessities due to the fact that they both are impact sports and they require the maximum comfortability and security.

Bolle eyeglasses

The charismatic brand Bolle offers a great variety of models that combines satisfaction, comfort and fashion, which are the pillars of the brand’s philosophy. Inside the models of the collection Sport Protective, they count on  polycarbonate frames that give the maximum protection and security to the players.

  • Swag model

[prestashop_custom_unic id=”29127″][prestashop_custom_unic id=”29125″]

  • Playoff model

[prestashop_custom_unic id=”29123″][prestashop_custom_unic id=”29122″]

Ver Sport eyeglasses

Ver Sport offers  eyeglasses for the ocular protection that are approved for the main Sport Federations.

  • Zeus model

[prestashop_custom_unic id=”31051″][prestashop_custom_unic id=”31049″]

  • Hercules model

[prestashop_custom_unic id=”31048″][prestashop_custom_unic id=”31046″]

  • Troy model

[prestashop_custom_unic id=”31043″][prestashop_custom_unic id=”31045″]

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