Classic Sunglases

Sunglasses protect our eyes, but that is not the only function they cover since many people use them as a fashion accessorie and that is where shapes play an important and fundamental part in gaining the look we want to achieve.

On the most importante catwalks we see celebrities modeling the latest sunglass trends or last seasons.

John Lenon Style Sunglasses

With no doubt this is one of the most claimed models in last years within the sunglass fashion industry. Rounded and oval shaped with a classic look.

The ambassador for this style of sunglasses is with no doubt the well remembered John Lennon, who had an extensive colection of his own, including Ray-Ban, Giorgio Armani, Epos,  and many more.

Although you cuold also find rectangular, oval shaped was the most used during the 60s. We can also find them with fabric protectors on the sides or plastic ones called “glaciers” that are also requested today.

Timeless shaped glasses

Others Sunglasses like “Aviator” or “Wayfarer” by Ray-Ban are bestsellers worldwide and if you are looking for something that does not go out of fashion, these are the best choice.

On the other hand we find Persol “Steve McQueen”. Another classic that is very well known, with retractable flexible temples.

An of course we cannot forget to mention “Balorama” by Ray-Ban and “Stingray” by Maui Jim. Iconic sport models with high quality polarized and specific lenses.

Bestseller Sunglasses

A pair of quality sunglasses doesnt tend to be cheap, so it isnt practical to buy a new pair of trending sunglasses every year. Ideally, we will purchase one pair of sunglasses that will last for a long or even a life time.

Bestsellers are those models that brands sell the most, the most requested, the most wanted. We offer you some of the bestsellers that historically have never stopped prodction or selling since they first appeared. Timeless, Classic and Iconic.

Buy Classic, Timeless, Bestseller Glasses online

We want to protect your eyes and offer you the classic cuts that have been on trend this season. Be seduced by the latest models and get ready to experience a new and different look.

If you want to know about this and more trends, visit us and we will surprise you wuth a selection of classic glasses. All models come with guarantee of quality and satisfaction.

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