Around a 53% of Spanish people have some vision problem that obey them to make use of glasses or lenses usually. If you add that around a 46% practise some kind of sport in a regular way, statistically is evident that they should made use of glasses or contact lenses.

Why to make uses of the contact lenses?

Contact lenses are thin plastic lenses  that you put directly on the surface of your eye mainly to correct problem vision, but also because of cosmetic or therapeutic reasons. Before you use them, it is important to take into account how they are made of, how to use them and also other rules, such as how long you can have them in your eye on your daily life.

There are many people who bet for contact lenses in order to practise some sports because of the quantity of advantages that bring with them, inside them comfortability and easiness in their use.

  • They give a bigger security, they are more practise and comfortable.
  • The improve the vision field and allow a peripheral vision of the environment.
  • They don’t allow lateral distortions, causing that you can see objects in real size.
  • They don’t slip because of the sweat, they don’t fog because of the rain as it can happen with the conventional glasses.
  • There are compatible with any sport, although a especial care is needed in the aquatic sports.

Contact lenses for sports

It is important to take into account that, if you use contact lenses for the practise of aquatic sports , it is important to use disposable contact lenses. The reason is that the the water always contains bacteria and other additive such as chlorine, and they can accumulate inside the contact lenses and affect to your eye health.

In this way, use and throw sport contact lenses would be the most effective and hygienic option, due to the fact they we will avoid ocular problems and infections such as the stinging or the reddening of your eye. In sports such as swimming of scuba diving , it is recommended to use contact lenses or glasses with an extra protection. The reason is that contact lenses don’t touch your eye in a direct way, they just float in it.

Some disposable contact lenses’ brands for these kind of sports are Myday Daily, One Day Acuvue or Clarity One Day.

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Nowadays technological advance allow to have a great range of materials in order to produce sport contact lenses, so adaptable to the necessities and sports of each user.  Our professional team will guide you. Just choose your favourite in our online shop.

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