Paul Smith Glasses

Paul Smith glasses blend whimsical yet classic designs with meticulous attention to detail, all while displaying a true sense of humor and mischief that he masterfully combines with his love of tradition and classics. Paul Smith spectacles are expertly crafted to provide optimal comfort for every wearer. They are crafted by hand using the finest materials accessible.

The Paul Smith line of prescription eyeglasses is unique in that it uses high-tech titanium and extremely thin acetates to create unique colors and textures. With Paul Smith’s extensive selection of sunglasses and prescription eyewear, you can find eyewear to suit every age and style, including both bold and basic frames.

Paul Smith Glasses


The Paul Smith eyewear collection includes a range of specially created sunglasses in a variety of modern frame shapes.

Prescription Glasses

Paul Smith prescription glasses are made in the Dolomites in Italy using high-quality metals and acetates. Paul Smith’s design DNA is characterized by sophisticated, modern styles with a unique flair.

Paul Smith Spring Summer 2024 Men’s Show

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