Created in 1990 in Soho (New York), the known brand Modo stands out because of the combination of design and functionality inside their models. Modo eyeglasses are held on the pillars of lightness and strength, which is achieved thanks to the use of new technologies.

Modo Eyeglasses

Modo eyeglasses weigh around 6.8 kg, its lightness differentiate them from their main rivals. They have a progresist spirit thanks to their colections like ECO®, which counts with glasses created with castor oil plant’s seeds.

On the other side , the Recicled ECO® collection is designed  with a 95% of recycled materials, that initiative helps to the plantation of trees for each sold model.

Their models combines the italian origin of its founder, Alessandro Lanaro, with the classic New York style and the european technique. On its side, Modo uses titanium, acetate and plastic resins as the protagonist materials, giving place to Modo eyeglasses with extremely lightness.

Modo eyeglasses variety

Squared eyeglasses

Modo squared eyeglasses are a secure bet, the most elevated shape of sophistication that give elegance and modernism.

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Cat eye eyeglasses

Using cat eye eyeglasses is a different way to renew you look, combining designs with different colors, giving a distinctive and original touch.

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Round eyeglasses

Modo round eyeglasses adapts to any kind of face, turning them into the perfect eyeglasses.

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“Buy a frame, help a child”

Under this motto it is known the program launched by the brand in 2016 in collaboration with the SEVA Foundation and other charity organizations.

“Buy a frame, help a child” helps Indian kids offering free eye exams, eyeglasses and corrective treatments.

So, for every Modo frame purchase,  they give eyeglasses to Indian kids, such an example of compromise that has consolidated the brand as one of the best sunglasses’ brands thanks to its social responsibility.

If you want to buy any of the Modo eyeglasses or any other model of the brand, check them inside our online shop.

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