Since canyoning, through running, hiking or climbing are some of the most practised sports. Most of these sports requiresome complements such as mountain sports’ sunglasses, that complement security during its practise.

In outdoor sports’ practise, our eyes are exposed to UV rays, wind or dust.

If we don’t use sunglasses, our eye health can be affected, because during winter sun rays are 8 times more intense.

Sunglasses for mountain sports

Before you acquire sunglasses for mountain sports, it is important to take into account the sports that you want to practise with them.

  • Quality filter that protects from the reflected light.
  • Frame with adjustable temples and bridge.
  • Wide visual field.
  • Good ventilation.
  • Lightness, comfortability and adjustable to our face.
  • A cord that holds out sunglasses in order to reduce a fall possibility.

In our online shop we count on a great variety of sunglasses models for mountain sports that combine design and functionality.


The prestigious brand Adidas offers to its clients a huge variety of sport glasses. In this occasion the brand presents the line Adidas Eye Pro S so covering and designed for mountain sports that require a great highness.

Adidas glasses stand out because of its resistant to blows and scratches and they count on a fastening strap and nasal protector.

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One of the biggest bets from Vuarnet is the iconic Glacier line, whose deisgn reminds to vintage glasses. They count on internal flaps that protect you from the light creating a kind of close cavity.

They count on 100% solar protection, and polarized filter glasses.

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Vuarnet also propose Rectangle Swing, a modern sunglasses line, elegant and sportive that stand out because of its first quality materials.

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If you don’t use sunglasses to practise mountain sports it could take some visual problems. Ask to our shop’s specialist and achieve you sport sunglasses.

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