Influential Eyewear Designers

Welcome to the realm where eyewear becomes art and design meets functionality. We explore the lives of well-known eyewear designers in this illuminating journey—masters who have transformed the way we perceive, value, and adorn our eyes. Prepare to be astounded by the tales behind the frames that have cemented their enduring influence in both fashion history and individual style, from Udo Proksch’s sumptuous creations to Alain Mikli’s ground-breaking designs. Whether you’re looking for history, motivation, or the ideal pair of glasses to up your style game, our carefully chosen collection will enthrall you and satisfy your visual cravings.

Influential Eyewear Designers

Udo Proksch (Serge Kirchhofer)

In the 1970s, Austrian designer Udo Proksch made an indelible mark on the world of eyewear with his flamboyant style, finesse, and penchant for luxury. Renowned initially as a jewelry designer, he achieved iconic status with creations like the infamous ‘Gold Finger,’ which served as inspiration for an Ian Fleming novel and subsequent James Bond film. Operating under the eyewear brand Serge Kirchhofer, Proksch utilized real gold, silver, and tortoise shell to craft extravagant glasses tailored for fashionable women. His designs, characterized by an unorthodox and art-inspired aesthetic, were often likened to a fusion of Salvador Dali and Christian Dior.

However, behind the glamour lies a darker tale: Proksch, also associated with eyewear labels Viennaline and Carrera, became embroiled in one of Europe’s most sensational crime cases, facing charges of multiple murders and insurance fraud.

Cari Zalloni (Cazal)

Cari Zalloni, an iconic figure in the world of eyewear, established an enduring legacy through his style-centric brand, CAZAL. Born in Athens, Greece, Zalloni honed his craft in Vienna, where he pursued design at the Academy of Applied Arts. It was in 1975 that he discovered his true passion, crafting eyewear under the distinguished Cazal label in collaboration with entrepreneur Günter Böttcher. Zalloni’s bold, oversized frames quickly became iconic fashion statements, notably embraced by hip-hop trailblazers like Kool Herc, LL Cool J, and RUN-DMC. Today, coveted Cazal models such as the 607, 858, and 616 are cherished by collectors worldwide, preserving the stylistic essence envisioned by Zalloni.

Mitsuhiro Matsuda

The journey of greatness often begins with a unique background. Born in Tokyo in 1934 to parents who ran a kimono-making business, Mitsuhiro Matsuda’s destiny was set in motion. Upon graduating with a master’s degree from Bunka Fashion College, he found himself amongst esteemed Japanese fashion figures like Kenzo Takada, Isao Kaneko, and Junko Koshino. Inspired by his experiences in Paris, Matsuda honed his vision, fusing deconstructed Western fashion with traditional Japanese craftsmanship and aesthetics. This fusion found its expression in eyewear, where his architectural-inspired designs showcased meticulous detail and the finest materials. Even today, Matsuda’s legacy lives on through the brand’s ethos encapsulated in their motto, “Old World Technique, New World Expression”.

Alain Mikli

When discussing luxury eyewear, it’s impossible not to mention the contributions of one of the most influential eyewear designers, French-Armenian designer Alain Mikli, who elevated the industry to new heights. In 1978, Alain Mikli established his namesake design studio in Paris, igniting a rapid wave of acclaim.

Within five years, his sunglasses graced the faces of icons like Elton John during their musical performances, sparking widespread admiration. Even style maven Kanye West sought out Alain Mikli’s oversized ‘shutter shades’ for his “Stronger” music video. Surpassing half a million pairs sold, the brand’s iconic status is firmly established. Despite the label’s acquisition by Italian eyewear powerhouse Luxottica in 2013, the legacy lives on.


Graham Cutler and Tony Gross (Cutler and Gross)

Numerous eyewear visionaries have forged their expertise from the ground up, and among them are Graham Cutler and Tony Gross, both of whom embarked on their optical journey together at London’s Northampton Institute. Following their education, they established their own venture in the chic Knightsbridge area in 1969. Their breakthrough came with the creation of luxury eyewear crafted from premium materials, leading to the inception of Cutler and Gross in 1982. Under the stylistic direction of head designer Marie Wilkinson and the skilled craftsmanship of frame maker George Smith, the brand swiftly rose to prominence. Presently, all eyeglasses are meticulously handmade in Italy, boasting a celebrity following that includes luminaries such as Meryl Streep and Martin Scorsese.

Oliver Goldsmith

Phillip Oliver Goldsmith stands out as a pioneer in the evolution of eyeglasses from mere functional tools to stylish accessories. Initially employed in sales at London’s Raphael’s, his innate sense of style distinguished him. Departing from conventional eyewear, Goldsmith introduced chic and sophisticated frames bearing his own label, Oliver Goldsmith, in 1926. Notably, he pioneered the creation of vibrant spectacles frames using techniques borrowed from button manufacturing, earning the distinction of being the first eyewear brand to grace the pages of Vogue magazine. Today, Claire Goldsmith, an esteemed eyewear designer and heir to the legacy, ensures its continued prominence since 2005.

Robert La Roche

While some designers prefer to work behind the scenes, others boldly establish their own flagship eyewear brands. Opting for the latter path in 1973, Austrian designer Robert la Roche carved out a distinct identity. Anchored in Vienna and immersed in the era’s vibrant nightlife, La Roche emerged as a style arbiter for luminaries like Meryl Streep, Yoko Ono, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. His eyewear creations, particularly the oversized, meticulously crafted sunglasses, redefined standards of elegance and sophistication. Upon La Roche’s retirement in 1999, he left behind a legacy of stylish frames and innovative advertising campaigns enshrined by the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts. But the story doesn’t end there! Robert la Roche made a triumphant return in 2014, continuing to set new benchmarks with impeccably crafted eyewear handmade in Italy and Japan, adored by enthusiasts worldwide.

The Heritage of Influential Eyewear Designers

As we reach the end of our stylish expedition, remember that eyewear is more than mere necessity; it’s a statement of your identity. Explore our curated collection of designer glasses and sunglasses. Each piece is a fragment of history from influential eyewear designers – do you want to be a part of their story?

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