As we know that glasses are indispensable for many people, we offer our customers a wide range of possibilities for sunglasses. Among them you will find models including protection lenses or specific lenses for sport practice (or sunglasses including prescription lenses for driving and working in a more comfortable way).

The treatments for these lenses could be polarized, mirrored (mirror effect treatments) or just colour treatments. All the models that you will find in our store include 100% UV protection lenses.

We deliver our products to any place in our city, as well as in the rest of The Canary Islands, the mainland and the rest of Europe. We attend our customers using our email, phone calls or WhatsApp. Our orders can be placed using many payment methods as Pay-Pal, bank transfers or other financing services as “Paga+tarde”.

Home delivery glasses during the state or alarm 

When the governments declared the state of alarm caused by the COVID-19 crisis we decided to keep our store open (even if there was not any people in the streets). However we have reinvented ourselves offering different services and home delivery.

Home delivery cheap sunglasses

From OpticalH we invite you to meet all the products and services that we offer. We count on a good variety of glasses that you could purchase using our online shop and that will be sent instantly using home delivery (we have lots of different shapes and colours). Visit us and discover them, you will be surprised.

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