Fendi Fall Winter 2023 Woman Sunglasses Collection


The Fendi Roma sunglasses collection presents a captivating fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary fashion. They are particularly accentuated in the fall and winter range for 2023. Furthermore, In collaboration with the acclaimed designer Stefano Pilati, Fendi has crafted a breathtakingly refined series of oval sunglasses that are sure to leave onlookers envious.

Sophisticated Design with a Touch of Gold

Among the standout features are the meticulously laser-etched FF motifs that grace the metal core of the temples, a testament to the brand’s attention to detail. Moreover, enhancing the opulence of the design is the Fendi Roma logo in a stunning gold finish, adorning the sides of each piece with an air of exclusivity.

  • Lens Options: Choose from classic normal or daring oversize lenses to suit your style persona.
  • Cat-Eye Craftsmanship: The newly introduced elegant oval cat-eye shape enriches the line’s family with a refined allure.
  • Signature Accents: Each frame boasts the iconic two-tone Pequin patterning, lending a luxurious finish to the front view.

The Ultimate Statement Piece

The audacious acetate frames redefine the iconic Fendi Roma sunglasses, turning heads with their new oval offerings this season. Whether it’s the gold metal ‘FENDI Roma’ logo that captures the light or the distinctive FF threads visible on the temples, these sunglasses represent not just a statement piece but a personal symbol of chic, sophisticated individuality.

Intricate Details Meet Bold Aesthetics

Every aspect of the Fendi Roma sunglasses is a nod to the brand’s storied history and dedication to luxury. The dual-tone Pequin motif that adorns the front is more than just a detail; it’s an emblem of Fendi’s indomitable spirit and commitment to exceptional design.


Fendi Fall Winter 2023 Woman Sunglasses

Introducing a new dimension of style to the Fendi Fall Winter 2023 Woman Sunglasses Collection: the Fendi O’lock sunglasses. These frames offer a seamless blend of high-fashion and practicality, crafted from durable acetate and adorned with the iconic gold-coloured metal O’Lock logo gracing the temples.

Contemporary Elegance with a Twist

This season’s update breathes life into the O’Lock line with bold, oversized acetate frames showcasing a new facet of functionality. The synonymous logo, now reimagined, embellishes the tonal temples, lending each pair a distinctive edge that stands out in a crowd.

A Tribute to Fendi’s Creative Heritage

Drawn from the opulent O’Lock jewelry collection, masterminded by Delphine Delettrez-Fendi, Creative Director of FENDI Jewellery, these sunglasses reflect the luxury brand’s seamless integration of jewelry design into high-end eyewear. The Fendi O’lock sunglasses flaunt a signature transparent logo, marrying the allure of avant-garde artistry with understated sophistication.

Each model from the O’Lock collection is a testament to Fendi’s bold spirit of innovation. They encapsulate the Maison’s commitment to blending fearless creativity with timeless elegance. The new Fendi O’lock sunglasses are not just an accessory. They are an homage to the brand’s DNA – a celebration of its penchant for elegant experimentation.

Fendi First

Fendi Fall Winter 2023 Woman Sunglasses

The newest addition to the Fendi Fall Winter 2023 Woman Sunglasses Collection: the exquisite Fendi First Round sunglasses. These sunglasses are an artful creation developed in collaboration with the visionary Stefano Pilati. They feature temples adorned with an oversized gold-coloured metal F motif in a striking diagonal design.

Fendi Fall Winter 2023 Woman Sunglasses

Signature Sophistication in Every Detail

The Fendi First Round sunglasses are a masterpiece of design, showcasing the renowned Fendi First logo complemented by the classic Fendi F hardware detail at the temples. These sunglasses are more than an accessory—they’re a statement.

Protect Your Vision with Italian Craftsmanship

  • UV Protection: Revel in 100% UV protection that shields your eyes with style.
  • Iconic Logo: The ‘F’ logo at the temples represents Fendi’s unparalleled fashion heritage.
  • Dimensions: Lens width is 63mm, bridge width is 15mm, and arm length is 140mm, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Origin: Proudly made in Italy, guaranteeing top-quality craftsmanship.

Technical Elegance

Constructed from premium acetate, the Fendi First Round sunglasses feature gradient lenses, a comfortable saddle nose bridge, and a raised monogram that rests upon the temples. The arms are thin and tapered, exuding an air of understated luxury that is synonymous with the Fendi brand.


Relish in the assurance of 100% UV protection to shield your eyes in every setting.

  • Material Excellence: Constructed from premium acetate and flaunting lenses made of durable polyamide.
  • Lens Complexity: Plain Color lens technology for a sleek and polished finish.
  • Lens Height: A notable 46.6mm for commanding visual impact.

Designed to Flatter Your Natural Contours

The oval frame of the Fendi Baguette sunglasses perfectly complements oval and square face shapes, offering a harmonious balance to your facial features.

Fendi Fall Winter 2023 Woman Sunglasses

Adaptability for Comfort and Style

For those with a high nose bridge and lower cheekbones, the high bridge fit provides a more secure and comfortable perch. These sunglasses are an ideal choice if the bridge of your nose sits above the level of your pupils, ensuring a tailored fit that accentuates both comfort and poise.

As the epitome of sophistication, the Fendi Baguette sunglasses encapsulate the very essence of Fendi’s innovative spirit and Italian elegance. Prepared to make a statement this season? Delve into the world of Fendi and adorn your gaze with the timeless grace of the Fendi Baguette collection, where every feature matches the precision of Italian artistry and luxury fashion.


Fendi Fall Winter 2023 Woman Sunglasses

Add a dash of modern sophistication to your eyewear with the Fendi Lettering sunglasses, a illustrious addition to the Fendi Fall Winter 2023 Woman Sunglasses Collection. This full acetate, angular Butterfly frame is a masterpiece of style, adorned with a tactile rubber Fendi logo on the temples and available in an array of light, wearable shapes set in a neutral color palette, entirely crafted in Italy.

Fendi Fall Winter 2023 Woman Sunglasses

Golden Touches on Italian Elegance

These Fendi Lettering sunglasses frame the eyes with a commanding presence, featuring sleek golden Baguette accents that bring an elevated dimension to this striking Italian creation. The attention to detail in these sunglasses showcases Fendi’s unfaltering dedication to stylish, unforgettable appeal.

Fendi Fall Winter 2023 Woman Sunglasses

Design Specifications of Distinction

  • Lens Dimensions: A lens width of 55mm, bridge width of 18mm, and temple length of 140mm for a refined silhouette.
  • UV Safety: Confidence in 100% UV protection through high-quality CR-39 lenses.
  • Materials: A skillful blend of acetate and metal, with craftsmanship that only comes from being Made in Italy.

Optical Features Tailored for Fendi Enthusiasts

The Fendi Lettering sunglasses feature graceful gradient lenses that segue from one shade to another, enhancing the frame’s chic Butterfly shape. Though not polarized, these sunglasses provide a clear, undistorted view, making them not only a fashion statement but also practical for everyday wear.

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