Chanel Glasses Discontinued in 2024

Welcome to a bittersweet revelation in fashion eyewear history. As 2024 unfolds, Chanel has announced the discontinuation of a sweeping range of its eyewear models—each a masterpiece that has graced the vistas of luxury for years. Chanel lovers and fashion connoisseurs, brace yourselves. This comprehensive guide will unveil the full spectrum of Chanel glasses that are set to become relics of the past. Cherished for their sophisticated design and quintessential craftsmanship, these coveted models will soon escalate from stylish accessories to invaluable collectors’ items.

Below is the full list of all the Chanel glasses that won’t be manufactured soon. This is the complete collection of Chanel glasses scheduled for discontinuation in 2024. Each entry heralds an opportunity to embrace the luxury and rarity that Chanel’s signature eyewear embodies.

Chanel Sunglasses Discontinued in 2024

Why Chanel Discontinues Certain Products?

In the ever-shifting landscape of fashion, Chanel’s decision to discontinue certain glasses models stems from a mix of evolving style trends, fluctuating demand, and the conclusion of limited edition runs or seasonal campaigns. It’s not simply about halting production of entire models; sometimes, it’s specific colorways or size options that draw the curtain. Yet what feels like an end can also signal a new beginning for collectors and style enthusiasts alike. The chart below is your invaluable resource—a goldmine of information detailing every nuance of Chanel’s glasses discontinuations in 2024. Whether it’s for style or investment, here lies your roadmap to the soon-to-be rarities of Chanel eyewear.

How This Chart Works

Navigating the final curtain call for these Chanel icons is made effortless with our extensive chart below. It chronicles all the 185 Chanel Glasses Discontinued in 2024, including related models models and variations. Each entry in the chart is not just a name and a number; it’s a direct conduit to making them yours. Click on a model to be taken immediately to its product page where you can capture these timeless pieces before they vanish from the shelves. Organized for clarity and ease of use, the chart allows you to sort through the list by model name, color, caliber (lens width), the collection they belong to and their expected discontinued date. As you explore, you’ll find that securing a piece of Chanel’s enduring legacy has never been so straightforward.

Model reference image*ModelCollectionColorCal.Discont. at
Chanel Glasses Discontinued in 20244242Spring 19C395/S555Nov. 2024
Chanel Glasses Discontinued in 20244245Spring 19C395/S658May 2024
Chanel Glasses Discontinued in 20242204SFall 21C134/SB51May 2024
C134/SB53May 2024
CHANEL CH5456QB5456QBWinter 21C501/S654May 2024
CHANEL CH4274Q4274QSpring 22C395/359May 2024
CHANEL CH4271T4271TSpring 22C395/9T61Nov. 2024
C124/1361Nov. 2024
CHANEL CH4277B4277BSummer 22C101/S653Nov. 2024
CHANEL CH5468B Chanel Glasses Discontinued in 20245468BSummer 22C622/T856May 2024
1706/S556May 2024
CHANEL CH34383438SCoco Charms C622/SB54Nov. 2024
CHANEL CH5479 Chanel Glasses Discontinued in 20245479Coco Charms C622/S656Nov. 2024
CHANEL CH3408Q3408QSAnimation Fall 221711/SB54May 2024
CHANEL CH2210Q2210QSFall 22C395/SB56May 2024
CHANEL CH3428Q Chanel Glasses Discontinued in 20243428QSFall 22C622/SB55May 2024
CHANEL CH5474Q5474QFall 221082/S652May 2024
C622/S652May 2024
CHANEL CH3440H3440HSWinter 22C622/SB53Nov. 2024
CHANEL CH3441QH Chanel Glasses Discontinued in 20243441QSWinter 22C888/SB54Nov. 2024
C714/SB54May 2024
CHANEL CH5480H5480HWinter 221718/S352Nov. 2024
C622/S652Nov. 2024
C714/S952May 2024
CHANEL CH5481H5481HWinter 22C714/S956May 2024
CHANEL CH4281QH Chanel Glasses Discontinued in 20244281QHWinter 22C395/M356Nov. 2024
C422/M256Nov. 2024
CHANEL CH54175417Animation Winter 221711/S454May 2024
CHANEL CH54145414Animation Winter 221711/S454Nov. 2024
1710/S654May 2024
CHANEL CH5486 Chanel Glasses Discontinued in 20245486Spring 23C714/8356May 2024
1656/S856May 2024
C622/S456May 2024
CHANEL CH54845484Spring 231077/S954May 2024
1656/S654Nov. 2024
C760/S854Nov. 2024
C622/S454May 2024
CHANEL CH54835483Spring 231077/S954May 2024
C760/S654May 2024
CHANEL CH54895489Spring 231720/S654May 2024
1722/S554Nov. 2024
C503/S254May 2024
1702/8E54Nov. 2024
5488Spring 23C622/T852May 2024
1722/S552May 2024
1702/8E52May 2024
Chanel 54875487Spring 231697/1355Nov. 2024
C622/S855Nov. 2024
1721/8H55Nov. 2024
1720/S655May 2024
CHANEL CH54925492Summer 231047/S654May 2024
1295/S954Nov. 2024
1461/S154May 2024
C622/S554Nov. 2024
C888/T854May 2024
Chanel 54935493Summer 231730/S655May 2024
1731/1155May 2024
1732/1855Nov. 2024
C888/T855May 2024
Best Chanel Sunglasses 20235494Summer 231047/S653Nov. 2024
1295/S953Nov. 2024
1461/S153May 2024
C622/S953May 2024
C888/S453May 2024
Chanel 54955495Summer 231295/3131May 2024
1731/11131May 2024
1732/18131May 2024
C888/S6131May 2024
CHANEL CH5496B5496BSummer 231727/S556May 2024
1729/S656May 2024
C888/S456May 2024
1735/S556Nov. 2024
C622/S656Nov. 2024
1727/S556May 2024
CHANEL CH5497B5497BSummer 231727/S5129May 2024
1735/S5129May 2024
1729/S6129May 2024
C622/S6129May 2024
C888/S4129May 2024
5498BSummer 231727/S554May 2024
1729/S654May 2024
C888/S454May 2024
1735/S554May 2024
C622/S654May 2024
CHANEL CH5504 Chanel Glasses Discontinued in 20245504Summer 231727/4853May 2024
1731/4353Nov. 2024
1732/4B53May 2024
Chanel 55055505Summer 231729/5854May 2024
1732/4B54May 2024
1733/4R54Nov. 2024
CHANEL CH6055B Chanel Glasses Discontinued in 20246055BSummer 231461/S154May 2024
1738/S654May 2024
C622/S854May 2024
1740/8354May 2024
C716/S654May 2024
Chanel 5473Q Chanel Glasses Discontinued in 20245473QAnimation Summer 23C622/S453May 2024
Chanel 54705470QAnimation Summer 23C714/S557May 2024
5477Animation Summer 231403/S656May 2024
1724/S256May 2024
5478Animation Summer 231403/S651May 2024
1725/S251May 2024
Chanel Glasses Discontinued in 20245479Animation Summer 231403/S656Nov. 2024
1724/S256May 2024
Chanel CH5506 Chanel Glasses Discontinued in 20245506Fall 231459/3H51May 2024
1461/S651May 2024
1462/S251Nov. 2024
1716/S651May 2024
Chanel 55075507Fall 231716/S454May 2024
1744/1854May 2024
C622/S854Nov. 2024
1743/S554May 2024
1745/1154Nov. 2024
C714/8354Nov. 2024
CHANEL CH55085508Fall 231461/S656May 2024
1579/S556May 2024
1743/1156Nov. 2024
C501/T856Nov. 2024
C622/S656Nov. 2024
C714/356May 2024
CHANEL CH55095509Fall 231459/3H51May 2024
1461/S651May 2024
C714/8351Nov. 2024
5510Fall 231459/3H55May 2024
1461/S655May 2024
1742/355May 2024
C622/T855Nov. 2024
C714/8355Nov. 2024
CHANEL CH55115511Fall 231459/3H52May 2024
1461/S652May 2024
1742/352Nov. 2024
C503/S452Nov. 2024
C622/S852Nov. 2024
5477Animation Fall 231425/S556May 2024
1704/356May 2024
54781425/S551May 2024
1704/351May 2024
54791425/S556May 2024
1704/356May 2024
Chanel glasses discontinued in 20245516Winter 231669/7156Nov. 2024
1667/7156Nov. 2024
1666/7156Nov. 2024
1665/7156Nov. 2024
Sunglasses CHANEL CH5515 1669/71 Chanel glasses discontinued in 20245515Winter 231669/7154Nov. 2024
1667/7154Nov. 2024
1666/7154Nov. 2024
1665/7154Nov. 2024
Chanel glasses discontinued in 20245514Winter 23C714/S953Nov. 2024
C622/S653Nov. 2024
1751/1353Nov. 2024
1461/S153Nov. 2024
1459/S353Nov. 2024
1255/S653Nov. 2024
Chanel Eyewear Trends 2023 Chanel glasses discontinued in 20245513Winter 23C714/S555Nov. 2024
C622/S655Nov. 2024
1751/1355Nov. 2024
1461/S155Nov. 2024
1459/S355Nov. 2024
1255/S655Nov. 2024
Chanel glasses discontinued in 20245512Winter 23C714/S955Nov. 2024
1751/1355Nov. 2024
1461/S155Nov. 2024
1459/S355Nov. 2024
1255/S655Nov. 2024
CHANEL CH5435 Chanel glasses discontinued in 20245435Animation Winter 231669/S253Nov. 2024
1667/S653Nov. 2024
1666/S653Nov. 2024
1665/S153Nov. 2024
Chanel 55175517Spring 241459/S354Nov. 2024
1758/S454Nov. 2024
5518Spring 241758/S454Nov. 2024
1759/S654Nov. 2024
Chanel Eyewear Trends 20235519Spring 241459/S855Nov. 2024
5520Spring 241461/S156Nov. 2024
Chanel 55215521Spring 241758/8H56Nov. 2024
Chanel CH5522U Chanel Glasses Discontinued in 20245522USpring 241754/C551Nov. 2024
1757/B151Nov. 2024
C501/4851Nov. 2024
Chanel 5523U Chanel Glasses Discontinued in 20245523USpring 241754/C552Nov. 2024
1756/R552Nov. 2024
C501/3252Nov. 2024
Chanel 5470 Chanel Glasses Discontinued in 20245470QAnimation Spring 241663/S657Nov. 2024
1761/S557Nov. 2024

*Please be aware that the images in this table may not depict the discontinued product; they are provided solely as a visual aid to assist in identifying the model in question. For precise details on which are the color and/or caliber variation(s) of the Chanel glasses discontinued in 2024, please refer to the table.

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