Water sports are very commonplace during the summer months, even more when there is an adequate temperature for its practise. Water sports glasses are a must during the summer season , due to the fact that they guarantee a quality vision in and outside the water.

Water sports glasses are designed in order to avoid the water to get in and the consequent bacteria that can be inside the swimming pools or even in the sea. Theses lenses use to be designed with anti fogging materials, because they give a bigger clarity under the water.

Swimming, scuba diving or surf

It is important to take into account that the human eye has not been designed to coexist permanently under the water. Because of this, when we are under the water, our vision gets blurred.  In some sports such as swimming or scuba diving it is necessary to use always glasses in order to use a biggest sharpness inside the water.

The materials used in aquatic sport glasses should be flexible, comfortable and with a good UV protection, because normally you spend so much time receiving solar exposure ( in a direct or indirect way).

It exists a huge variety of glasses according to their use, which can be internal or external. Their majority have polarized filters that guarantee security and homologation.

Sport fishing glasses

Unless it is not a water sport, there are many people who want to use glasses for the sport fishing. In OpticalH we work with brands such as Costa, founded by fishers who looked for lenses that fit to their necessities( they are designed to fight against the most extreme meteorology , polarized and with a great durability and resistance)

On its part, Oakley, globally known  because of its sport glasses, assures a unique sportive experience, that allows to enjoy with comfort and materials made with the best quality materials.

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Water sports glasses

In our online shop we have some of the water sport glasses brands like Aquavista, lenses that comes with a silicone cap,  a case and rubber bridge for a better fastening.

On the other side, Cressi, sport brand that have water sport glasses for diving, as harpoon fishing or snorkeling, designs comfortable and high quality lenses.

Water sports glasses can reduce the UV light , and also can be resistant to blows.

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