A million people in Spain suffer from low vision, being Galicia the fourth community with the biggest visual disability.  In this sense, glasses for low visibility  are the chosen option by the greatest majority, because they allow to read or write with a bigger sharpness and comfortability.

Ophthalmologists consider that someone has low vision when his or her visual acuity is less than 0,3. Unless this affection can get improved by the use of glasses for low vision.

Low vision causes

Low vision is more common in the elderly, who realize that it is increasingly difficult to perform activities. But it is true, that this affection can affect to anyone and because of different causes.

There are diverses causes the ones that can provoke low vision, because it can appear from eye illnesses as can be the macular degeneration, glaucoma,  or neurological lesions.

Independently from the cause, inside the ophthalmology world there are different techniques that help to prevent or improve it.

  • Optic helps: manual and  mount in the same glass.
  • Electro-optic helps: electronic devices such as the television-loupe, virtual-reality system that increase the size of the images. Others such as loupes, microscopes, or manuel telescopes.
  • Others: more advanced such as the talkative scanner or the tactil helps.

Glasses for low vision

Max Detail and Mac Event

In OpticalH, we have some glasses for low vision’s models suchas the brand Max Detail and Max Event that offer a great visual field thanks to its increase system that has two lenses.

It has two temples with wheels that focus the images and a comfortable and big bridge in the nose.

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Solar T.Cook  supplement

Solar supplements from the brand clip T. Cook. Therapeutic available. They have different formats and colorations in order to guarantee the eye protection.

It is characterizes because of  its polarized filter and its lightness and the possibility of adjust them to the pathology of the client.

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Cocoons and Visolux

We also offer the Cocoons Csr 2A, glasses with a powerful protective filter that helps to prevent ocular illnesses and protect from the retro illuminated screens such as the computers, mobile phones or tablets, as well as from the solar rays.

It improves the contrast and visual comfort, also it protects the retina and gives a visual help.

On its side, Visolux is a digital loupe with an easy use that allows a better definition and intensity on the contrast and we have a series of practical advices for people who need low people glasses.

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