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Bringing together two generations of opticians, our two-decade expertise serves both physical and online communities. We're committed to exceptional eyecare and quality eyewear for every client.

Our Heritage: A Family Business with Global Reach

Founded over two decades ago within the historically rich streets of San Cristobal de la Laguna—a prized World Heritage city—stands our physical store, Óptica Herradores, a family-owned optician’s outpost. Conceived from the entrepreneurial spirit of a visionary couple, Óptica Herradores has since blossomed into a beacon of optical expertise, empowering a second generation to carry the torch. The heirs to this optical throne, emboldened by prestigious optician-optometrist degrees from the University of Madrid, have amplified our local store’s influence to soar across borders, touching the lives of customers in over 80 countries. As our family grew, so did our formidable team, which now boasts 14 dedicated professionals, each wielding specialized skills to enrich our services and propel our growth, ensuring that every pair of eyes that seeks our counsel receives nothing less than the pinnacle of personalized care.

The Óptica Herradores Difference: Expertise and Quality Assurance

What catapults Óptica Herradores above the fray is not just our extensive inventory of eyewear—which spans an impressive collection of over 15,000 models—but our steadfast commitment to infuse professional optical wisdom into every facet of our operation. Unlike the myriad of online spectacles vendors, we fortify our digital storefront with the scrutiny and guidance of certified optical specialists. Each product, each transaction, is meticulously overseen by top-tier professionals, handpicked through an exacting selection process, crafting a shopping experience that is both seamless and superior. Your satisfaction, our ethos; we tirelessly pursue the ultimate calibration of quality and durability in our products and are unyieldingly devoted to providing you with a shopping voyage that’s not only headlined by some of the industry’s lowest prices but backed by post-purchase guarantees that fortify your confidence. And with a team of specialists perpetually at your beck and call, ready to offer unparalleled assistance, Óptica Herradores doesn’t just aim to meet your expectations—we seek to transcend them, nurturing a relationship with you that transcends the mere act of purchase to one of enduring care and satisfaction.

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